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Arts & Crafts furniture making, as a Movement, is based on dedication to quality and integrity.  Arts & Crafts furniture is, historically, a big umbrella that covers a number of subcategories. Mission, Craftsman, Stickley, Quaint, Handcraft, Greene & Greene, Prairie Style, Roycroft, and others all apply the same idea: hand made furniture made attractive by its very structure, usually made of white oak, often fumed in ammonia, or red oak, and finished simply and honestly.

Arts & Crafts Furniture Movement

Arts & Crafts Furniture, although popular in the early 20th century, became a rarity when new forms of modernism moved to the fore. Mission design and Prairie Style continued to have advocates, even though the Movement waned.

Arts & Crafts furniture revived in interest at the start of the 21st century and devoted collectors skimmed the cream off the antiques market. Arts & Crafts furniture became prohibitively expensive for ordinary folks, and the pressures of late 20th Century life made making one’s own custom oak furniture problematic. So a community of craftspeople has grown up, most of whom are dedicated to the principles of utility, simplicity, and integrity of design and workmanship.

Arts & Crafts/Mission Furniture at Desert Craftsmen

Furniture makers at Desert Craftsmen are proud to be a part of that community. Custom oak Arts & Crafts and Mission furniture and accessories are what we build. Each piece we ship is made from start to finish by one person, and represents the very best that worker can do. We use Arts & Crafts and Mission style design principles in furniture making, addressing the opportunities and profound satisfaction it entails.

Arts & Crafts Principles in Hand Crafting Furniture

Arts & Crafts principles applied to custom furniture consist of two important aspects: integrity of design and adaptation of application. Arts & Crafts and Mission furniture is attractive in that it is what it appears to be. It’s color is the color of the white oak acted upon by natural processes. A pegged through-tenon actually is such, not a skin-deep appliqué.

Arts & Crafts Furniture/Mission Furniture in Modern Times

Arts & Crafts/Mission furniture – one of its beauties is that it can be adapted to even the most modern application. To wit, this exposition was composed on a Macintosh computer which lives in a quarter sawn white oak secretary. But it’s an impressive piece of custom furniture If you close it up. Lower the writing surface and it’s an up-to-the-minute computer work station with room for just about every known peripheral.