Lamps and Sconces

Lamps and Sconces
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After the Morris chair, the clearest expression of the Arts & Crafts ideal of beauty is the light fixtures and lamps that the movement crafted. At the time, electric lights were relatively new.

That was a wonderful opportunity to use the Arts & Crafts vocabulary of beauty and simplicity in a whole new way.

The lights that were developed used the warmth of fumed oak, copper and mica or stained glass to make a purely utilitarian thing into a thing of beauty. They extended the warmth of the hearth to small pools of light distributed through the home.

Such beauty and warmth are available today, either as an homage to the designs of the greats of yesteryear, or as a Desert Craftsmen original design using the Arts & Crafts vocabulary.

Garden Post Lantern of unfinished cypress with art glass sides and copper roof.

Table Lamp with Copper/Mica Shade

The lamp is 24 inches high, 14 inch wide base, and 18 inch diameter shade. Base is made of quartersawn white oak, fumed and finished to standard. The shade is made of a frame of hand beaten copper fastened with copper rivets. The shade fields are of shellac-bound mica sheets, heat formed to the curve of the shade. Wiring is to modern standards, with 3-way bulb socket fitted.

Lamp Stand, wired with 3-way socket and bow for conventional shade Price: $169.90.

Hand beaten copper/mica lamp shade with appropriate supports on lampstand Price: $199.00

Sconce with Mica Shade

The first impression created by an Arts & Crafts bungalow starts at the front door. [Sconce with Mica Shade Photo] That’s why we were particularly honored with this commission. The customer asked us to make Arts & Crafts wall sconces to light the entry of his home. We proposed a design which is an homage to the design elements popularized by Greene & Greene.

He chose the warmth of mica for the lanterns. One for each side of the door.