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Mantle Clocks, Grandfather Clocks, Wall Clocks

Mantle Clocks

The Universe is not digital. It’s not! A subtle reminder of that fact is an analog clock showing the time. Okay, the conventionally accepted zone time. This one is 20″ tall by 13″ wide by 4″ deep. Quater sawn white oak finished to standard. The backer is 1/8″ cabinet grade birch plywood. The movement is quartz pendulum, not chimed.
Price as shown: $295.00.
Red Oak, not fumed: $279.00.
Plain Sawn White Oak, finished to standard: $279.00

This mantle clock is 20 inches tall, 12 inches wide, and 4 inches deep. Exoframe is plain white oak, fields are quarter sawn white oak, and face and backer are birtch plywood. Face numerals applied by pyrography. Case is fumed and finished to standard. Movement is an electric quartz pendulum at customer’s request.
Price as shown: $295.00.
Price for Red Oak, not fumed: $279.00.
Price for Plain Sawn White Oak, finished to standard: $279.00.

Grandfather Clocks

Time was an important concept to the people of the Arts & Crafts movement. One of the ways they demonstrated that is by the prominent display of a Grandfather clock. Also known as a long case, tall case or hall clock, these imposing pieces were a constant visible, and often audible reminder of the flow of time. Our Grandfather clocks can be designed in the size and appearance you prefer, and feature your preference of movement, from the convenience and accuracy of a modern quartz movement, to the authenticity of a weight powered escapement movement. And with or without chimes.

Wall Clocks

The first clock in the typical Arts & Crafts home almost certainly one of those old metal windup alarm clocks with the two bells on top and the clapper that banged back and forth between them when the alarm went off. Functional, practical, and as clunky as things come.

But the second clock was likely to be a wall clock in the Arts & Crafts style. Desert Craftsmen offers a wide range of Arts & Crafts designs with an austere, functional clock face in a consistent style.
Price: Quarter sawn white oak finished to standard – $79.50

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