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Morris Chairs

John Ruskin was the theoretician of the Arts & Crafts Movement, but it was really William Morris who put the theory into practice. [Quarter Sawn White Oak Morris Chair with Leather Cushion]His belief that you shouldn’t have anything around you that isn’t beautiful, or useful, or, ideally, both, has its highest expression in the chair that bears his name. Morris chairs are possibly the most comfortable reading chairs ever made.

Introduction about Morris Chairs

And the expressed joinery that most makers use for the chairs makes them exquisitely beautiful not because of anything painted on them, but because of how they are made. And the adjustment mechanism which gives the Morris chair a claim on the First Recliner title, is easy to use, hard to break, and works every time.


But the neatest thing about a Morris chair from Desert Craftsmen is that since it’s custom made, it can be made to fit you exactly. There’s no feeling in the world quite like sitting down on a chair that conforms to you, not the other way around. You might just forget that you sat down to read.

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